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Important Stress Testing for Heart Issues

Diagnosing Coronary Heart Disease

By putting your heart and body under physical stress through exercise, a stress test aims to evaluate how your heart functions during extreme physical circumstances. Commonly used to diagnose coronary heart disease, stress testing can detect abnormal changes in blood pressure and heart rate, stimulate shortness of breath or chest pain, and monitor changes in your heart’s rhythm.

Though it’s often considered to be a demanding evaluation, the results of a stress test can provide valuable insight into the condition of the blood vessels that feed your heart muscle.

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Stress Testing

You should arrive at your stress test prepared with athletic attire and comfortable shoes, preferably athletic shoes. You will be fitted with electrodes, a blood pressure cuff, and – in some cases – a special tube to monitor your breathing.

You will be asked to exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike. We will ask you to increase your activity level in increments throughout the test.

After your stress test is completed, the physician will assess your results and you may return to your normal daily routine.

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